Wolfys Mod - Mod for Bandits: Phoenix Rising

A mod for the game Bandits: Phoenix Rising.
Created by me.

List of features

  • 1 new map
    • The Village (WIP)
  • 5 new vehicles (WIP)
    • Nilsen MK.I. (Tanks) (Custom Sounds)
    • Lucys Car. (Wolfpack)
    • Alpha Car. (Wolfpack)
    • Cougar. (Crusaders)
    • Tomahawk. (Crusaders)
    • Carters Car. (Crusaders)
  • 8 new weapons
    • Auto Cannon. (Custom Sounds)
    • Battle cannon. (Custom Sounds)
    • Lucys Launcher.
    • Lucys Gun.
    • Tomcat Launcher.
    • A-Bomb Launcher. (Custom particle explosion)
    • Cougar MG.
    • Carter Machine gun. (Carters car + machinegun)
  • Better Multiplayer.
    • Spectators in multiplayer.
    • Kick function.
  • In game console. (Made from scratch)
    • Cheats.
    • Debug data.
    • Change level.
    • Help.
    • Spawning.
  • Support for the Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack.
  • Level selector in the menus.
  • New custom made backgrounds for the menus.
  • Spinning logo!
  • And much more!




Wolfys Mod v0.51

Note: You need the full pathed (1.1.1) version of Bandits in order for Wolfys mod to work!

Bandits Mod Tools

Included in the latest Wolfys Mod release, but also available for download below.
Created from scratch.

Bandits Mod Tools Inlcudes:

  • Bandits 1.1.1 patch
  • Bandits Mod Manual v.0.5 (Open Office version)
  • Bandits Mod Manual v.0.5 (Word version)
  • GIMP DDS plugin
  • GIMP normal map plugin


Bandits Mod Tools v0.50

Note: that you need to install the 1.1.1 patch before you start modding.

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