Trashcan Game Engine

The Trashcan Game Engine (TGE) is a Java fps 3D game engine built around the LWJGL and JBULLET libraries.
The lastest version of TGE is currently built around a test game called IAM SQUARE.
TGE and IAM SQUARE only runs on Java 32bit.

Trashcan Game Engine Screenshots


TGE_v.0.206_build_2011_04_15 (OLD)

Note: You need to install java to run Trashcan Game Engine.
Note2: This is an old version of TGE, download IAM SQUARE to get the latest version.


IAM SQUARE is a test game made around the latest version of TGE.
TGE does not have its own releases anymore, its released together with IAM SQUARE.

IAM SQUARE Screenshots


iamsquare_v0.206_ALPHA (Alpha build)

Note: You need to install java to run IAM SQUARE.

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